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Digimon Travelz Is A Fictional Series Of Digimon That Consists Of The Original 8 Digidestined After Digimon Adventure But Before Digimon Adventure 02. There Is A New Digidestined, Alexander 'Alex' Jackson, Who Is The Same Age As T.K. And Kari,Kari Also Has A Crush On Him And That Developed Into A Relationship With The Two. Alex's Digimon Are Terriermon And Lopmon, Who Prefers To Stay In Their In-Training Forms, Like Salamon Does But With Her Champion Form. In This Series Gatomon Has Prefered To Stay As Salamon Near The Beginning Of The Series To Be Equal With The Other Digimon, This Is Put Of Near The End Of The Series To Coincide With Digimon Adventure 02

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