This story centers around the Digimon League, an organization constructed of Digimon Tamers and their partners.

Digimon League

In this series, many humans have Digimon partners, so the Digimon League has a large hierarchial system. The leader, King League and his partner Muchomon are in charge of the entire League. Beneath him are the Group Leaders, Terra and her partner Planetmon, who are in charge of the Earth Leaders, and Fin and his partner Reefmon, who are in charge of the Spirit Leaders. The Leaders are Marko and Tierramon (who stand for Earth), Leona and Verimon (who stand for Fire), Echos and DeepSeamon (who stand for Water), and Ryuko and Kazemon (who stand for Wind), the Earth Leaders, and the Spirit Leaders, Hana and Coremon (who stand for Soul), Thorios and Harvarmon (who stand for Mind), and Crystal and Coeurmon (who stand for Heart). Each of them leads one of the seven Divisions, and Divisions are further divided into three Teams each. Each Team can hold up to fifty members, and are divided still further into ten Classes. The members of one Class are usually trained together, unless one member is removed from that Class and a new member has to be trained.


The seven Leaders of the Digimon League notice an outburst of Digimon near the Digimon Institute, where the League is based. They discover the Digital World is collapsing and Digimon are being evicted from it. Chapter List

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