Digimon Ultimate is the upcoming live action series for Digimon, made by "DigiFans" and including InitialPC, and possibly OutcastRed13. This will be all posted on PC's channel, and any other channel who participated in the series.


After the events of Digimon Tamers, the government became suspecious of the exsistance of Digimon, they studied the Digital Monsters with the help of Izzy, and Sora's father. This continued til after the events of Digimon Frontier, wich led to Digimon Data Squad, when the research was marked illegal the parents of Keenan Crier continued to studie Digimon, they shared the research to Canada and evantually they refused to except any further research , with the Blue Prints for the regular Digivice models (Digivice, D-3, D-Power, D-Tector, and Digivice iC). They evantually disposed the evidence but one of the researchers stolen the Prints, he continued to merge the models to make the perfect model, after the events of Data Squad The perfect Digivice Model was invented and shared to Canada as being the only country to trust, the model was released as a toy, and sport with exclusive Digimon cards, the cards would simply be slashed through the card reader piece of the DV7 (Digivice Version 7.0) with the main charecters (Real names unknown due to the fact that the story takes place in the first Canadian Digimon Fighting Championship) PC of Cyan team, Red of Sage team, and WillG of Steel team. With thier own cards custom made by PC wile learning to use coding programs Ryudamon(For PC) Commandramon(For Red) and Bearmon(For WillG). The Release date is unknown.

Canadian Digimon Fighting Championship

Every Anniversary of the release of the DV7 the Prime Minister of Canada releases the annual CDFC the winner gets the deposet of money for the upgrading of the DV7 of choice. such as the card swiper it wasnt originally added to the DV7 until team Orchid won the first CDFC and added it.

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