Digimon Ultimate Fighters

Genre:Action, Adventure, Shonen, Science Fiction, Comedy drama
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Digimon Ultimate Fighters is the fan-fiction series for Digimon, made by JBolbotowski1. It has some elements from Digimon Adventure, Digimon Tamers, Digimon Data Squad, and Digimon Fusion.


Taikuru Shimono, a 11th grade boy, creates his Digimon partner Hyperdramon when he slips a mysterious silver card he found in his deck through his hand-held card reading device, changing it into a V-Arc, an Ultimate Fighters version of a Digivice. The appearance and powers of this Digimon come from Taikuru's sketches that were scanned into the device. Rushing into a monorail station, Taikuru discovers a small digital version of a hurt Hyperdramon. A light appears while a voice asks Taikuru if he wants to heal Hyperdramon. Saying yes, a light disappears while Taikuru healed Hyperdramon.


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Main characters

Screenshot Character Voice actor Digimon Voice actor
Taikuru Shimono
(Shimono Taikuru)
An imaginative artist who created his own Digimon. Taikuru is somewhat the leader of the group. He is kind, determined, humorous, honest, optimistic, enthusiastic, and short-tempered and loves Digimon, loving to play the Digimon card game and drawing Digimon he made up. He has a crush on Brittany Monaka.
Kiro Hamato
(Hamato Kiro)
A lover of video games, movies, skateboarding, pranks and food. He is Taikuru's best friend.
Brittany Monaka
(Monaka Buretteni)
A beautiful, sweet, and kind girl who is a childhood girlfriend of Taikuru. Sometimes she is selfish, bossy, feisty, headstrong, and stubborn but have feelings.

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