Digimon Uncensored is a Digimon fan site run by a user named Gear, a contributor to the original site. It was originally conceived and built by Macho Duck of Duckfeather Studios, though the site has since shut down in May 2010 and moved to a new domain. It features humorous comparisons between the English dub and Japanese versions of the Digimon anime. Written with a definite lean toward the original Japanese, it nonetheless is a gold mine for information about changes between the original Japanese and English dub episodes. The site occasionally features strong language, sexual references and cultural references that make the site not appropriate for younger children.


The site describes itself as such:

"This website, like many other "[Anime] Uncensored" websites, is a hybrid between comparing the original version of the Digimon animated shows with their dub counterparts and MST3K-style reviews."

The site takes inspiration from the original "Anime Uncensored" concept by Chris Psaros and his retired Dragonball Z Uncensored website.


The site is currently in the stages of being rebuilt at a new domain with a new look. Currently, only a few episodes of Digimon Adventure are up, though more are added each day.

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