This series takes concepts from other seasons. Such as, cards from season 3 and fusion from season 4.


The main setting is the Digital World, but is also set in the human world. The home town of the digidestined this time is Nerima. In this version of Digimon, the humans have digimon partners that can digivolve to champion but can fuse with their partner if in danger.

Two years before the main story, each of the characters ran into an unknown digimon, which was then chased away by a light that, two years later would become their partners.

The main antagonist is still to be picked. All I can reveal about the antagonists ways is that they cover a digimon with a black coating and they take on a different, evil form. More evil if already evil.

Some of the Digimon are Fan made. By me.


Fusion Digivolution

As said in the plot, if a digimon is in danger, they can fuse with their partners to become stronger. They take on some features from both forms. Eg. Medimon has blonde hair like Sara and Trinketmon. But sometimes they look nothing like either forms. Eg. Ribbonmon, as stated above, Sara and Trinketmon and Solmon to an extent, have blond hair yet Ribbonmon has brunette hair.


The digivices are a plain coloured, L-shaped, thin block that can slash cards and open up to scan Digimon. Later in the series, Sara becomes plagued with perfection, ditching Solmon for a powerful virus type. This breaks the digivice (Like Takato's from Tamers). She then gets a new white digivice.


Sara Itzeh

Partner: Solmon

Partner description: A pixie type digimon with butterfly wings.


Fresh: ???

In-Training: ???

Rookie: Solmon

Champion: Trinketmon

Fusion Champion: Medimon

Fusion Ultimate: Ribbonmon

Fusion Mega: Romon (A paired digimon with Mystermon, a play on Romance and Mystery)

Character description:Sara, two years before the main story, was being chased by an unknown digimon when a light came out of nowhere and chased it away. This light would later turn out to be Solmon, her digimon partner. Sara is said to be the leader of this group of digidestined, though it is unofficial. She has a light blue digivice, later white.

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