Digimon Virus Hunters is a 2015 Fan-made comic book series made by Paul young and Tom Wilkinson.
Digimon Virus Hunters theme

Digimon Virus Hunters theme.

The series is made in the high school where the two boys attend to and features original characters and partner Digimon. The story involves two brothers being transported from their Wii[1] console along with their friend into the Digital world and meeting a strange old man who tells them why they are in the world. Each of the children has a drawing which along which transforms into a Digimon. Later on, a fourth kid comes along and is accidentally transported into the Digital World as well.

Plot summary

While having an his friend over at his house, Tom Wilkinson has an argument with his brother, Calum, and creates a drawing competition with his friend, Paul Young, participating as well. After finishing their drawings, Tom and Paul mock Calum's while their console suddenly opens up a portal into the Digital World and sends them into a video game. After escaping the video game (and finding three Digivices) into the center of the world, The boys meet a strange man who transforms their drawings into the creatures they drew earlier. The kids are sent to find Digital gemstones, which are said to have immense power. After fighting and defeating Digimon such as Hydramon and MetalOctomon, Tom and Paul's Digimon, DemiNotemon and Fishmon, respectively, Digivolve to their Champion levels to defeat them. Calum's however, the near-useless Logmon, Does not seem to be able to handle on it's own in a fight, having only helped once. Later on, after the fight with MetalOctomon, even after the few days spent in the Digital World, it seems only a few minutes have passed in the Real World. A fourth child, Szeta Ding, when coming to the Wilkinson residence as well finds holograms of the kids in the Digital World (Known in the world as "Virus Hunters") and whilst examining them, accidentally opens the portal and gets sucked in the world as well. In the fourth issue, "Who wants to be a Gazilionaire?", they enter a game show and Szeta's Digimon, Plasmon is forced to Dark digivolve into DeathMattermon to combat Geminimon in the 5th issue. However, things go out of control and Geminimon escapes, and soon reveals in the next issue that Plasmon is actually a Champion leveled Digimon.


Main Characters

Character Introduced in Digimon Introduced in
Tom Wilkinson "A Blast of Code" DemiNotemon "A Blast of Code"
The leader of the Virus Hunters. He is the first to jump into action and constantly argues with his brother, Calum. Tom's Digimon DemiNotemon looks like Musical Note with legs. He was the first to Digivolve.
Paul young "A Blast of Code" Fishmon "A Blast of Code"
Second-in-command to the team, Paul is wise-cracking and cares a lot about his Digimon, Fishmon. Fishmon is sarcastic but good natured and doesn't like doing things by himself.
Calum Wilkinson "A Blast of Code" Logmon "A Blast of Code"
Calum is as Paul describes "excess baggage". He doesn't like his Digimon and as a running gag, tries to swap with Paul's Digimon, Fishmon. Was sent back to the real world in #4 Logmon is Calum's Digimon. He talks rarely and does not seem to have much use
Szeta Ding "Digital Dunk Tank" Plasmon "Who wants to be a Gazillionaire?"
Szeta (Pronounced zee-TA) is the newest member of the virus hunters. He was revealed to be the third virus hunter in issue #4, replacing Calum. A quiet, but powerful Digimon, Plasmon is unknowingly a Champion level Digimon

Other Characters

  • Mrs Wilkinson: Has yet to be seen, as she is only appeared as a speech bubble outside the door. Her first appearance was a very minor role, where after the boys are sent to the Digital World, she wonders what all the noise was and whether they broke a lamp. Later, in the fourth issue, she announces that the boys' other friend, Szeta, had come over.
  • Bartimus Digitus II: An old man who summoned the boys to the Digital World. In the series, his role is very much like the role of Gennai from the first series of Digimon. He later appears in the third episode, telling them about the three Digital Gems, and the fourth when he discovers that Szeta was the third Virus Hunter, not Calum.


  • Hydramon: The first Digital Monster that the children defeated. Wasn't named until issue 2 and was destroyed by DemiNotmon's Champion form, CyberNotemon, after attempting to destroy them with his "Dragon's Breath" attack, and CyberNotemon responding in kind.
  • ArmageddonApocalypsemon: A combination of Armaggeddonmon, Apocalymon, and every other arch enemy in the previous series. He appeared when warning a minion about the new generation of DigiDestined aka the "Virus Hunters", and again in issue 5 when addressing Geminimon to kill them. Has not been yet addressed by name
  • MetalOctomon: An Ultimate leveled Digimon that was the guardian of the Digital Gems. Was extremely powerful but was defeated when Tom, Paul and Calum managed to dislodge a boulder to fall on him and was finished off when Fishmon's Digivolved form, Turtlemon, used his "Wave Punch" to slam his already damaged body into CyberNotemon's "Sonic Blaster" attack. Dropped the Digital Gems when destroyed.
  • Alpha Team: A Team who competed in the "Who wants to be a Gazillionaire" challenge game-show. They fought the Virus hunters and revealed to be cheating in the rounds. Consisted of MiniHydramon, ArmorSquidmon, and Drillmon, but were eliminated because of the quick tactics of the Virus Hunters.
  • Geminimon: An Ultimate leveled Digimon that has strength as well has power. Can Duplicate himself and was first seen in issue 5. Attacked and escaped in issue 5, making him the first Digimon in the series to do so, as well as telling the kids why they are attacked so often, in his words "For the money". He did will appear again in issue 6.

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