Story Summary

The scientists of Digital Age Inc. have figured out about digimon. They are now trying to create one from scratch. They even created a new type: Core. It was the first human created digimon and type. But they were so proud of themselves that they cloned the type and tried to create more digimon. But the core clone was corrupted, and a virus was in every clone and digimon. The original core digimon was released and it found a partner. They put the virus infected digimon in another digital realm. The digimon found a gateway to our world and went through. The dimon on earth were all dedigivolved and sent back to the digital world. Only five partners were left on earth. The new digimon viruses became blood thirsty murderers. Only digimon could destroy them. But human weapons could damage them. Thus begins the virus protectors.


  • Davis/Streakwamon
  • Sarah/HawkmonDavis
  • Gary/Agumon
  • Mia/Renamon
  • Austin/Terriermon
  • Hanyu/Gaomon
  • Akiyoshi/Cyberdramon
  • Rei/Guilmon


A normal hardheaded teen that has had tough times. His parents were killed by a digital gateway. He is determined to destroy digimon. But accepts streakwamon as his loyal partner and friend.


Sarah is a normal child that had a digimon when they all came to earth ten years ago. But her digimon hawkmon had a twin: owlmon.

Hanyu Maeda

Hanyu was a child actress before the Core digimon escaped. But when both her parents were captured, she teamed up with Gaomon. Nowadays she acts as an efficient spy. Due to her young age (12 years old) nobody really expects her to be the Virus Busters' top information gatherer. This infamous reputation has earned her the fitting nickname "Pink Shadow". Although she is a professional spy, outside the field she's normally very worrisome about her friends and does her best to make sure they're safe. Hanyu carries a stun-gun for protection from humans, and a tranquilizer gun for big digimon.

Akiyoshi Arisawa

A rogue teenager with a Cyberdramon, he's become one of the most famous bounty hunters in Tokyo. Although the Virus busters dislike his mysterious ways, the fact that he isn't tied down to the orginization allows him to collect important information, so long as the price is right. Before the outbreak of Core Digimon, he was at the top of his class at Tokyo University of the arts, where he learned to become a manga artist.

Rei Matsuda

The "senior" officer for the Virus Busters, Rei started out as any other normal kid. But when his father died protectoing citizens durring the outbreak, he was left Digital Age inc. in the will. After several legal battles and struggling to finich college at 14, Rei did become president and now coordinates the battle against the core types. A fervent impressionist, Rei prefers painting the Tokyo scene rather than direct his team. Although technincally their superior, Rei's good friends with each Virus Buster and turns to his digimon partner Guilmon for help.

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