Digimon World

Digimon Story Lost Evolution characters
(Dejimon Sutōri)
Genre:Action, Adventure
Studio:Toei Animation
Network:(Ja:) TV Asahi, (US:) Cartoon Network
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Digimon World is a fanfictional anime series, inspired by the Digimon World video game series

Digimon World (デジモンストーリー Dejimon Sutōri lit. Digimon Story) is an anime children's television series based on Bandai's Digimon Story video game series.

Digimon Story premiered on TV Asahi July 1, 2010 and concluded it's 50 episode run on June 9, 2011. The premier of the anime coincided with the release of the video game Digimon Story: Lost Evolution in Japan.

The English dubbed version was produced by Studiopolis for Bandai USA, and ran from October 3, 2012 to June 28, 2014 on Cartoon Network, as Digimon World.

Plot Summary

Digimon world ds logo
20071015112140!Digimonstory logo

Shu along with his two friends Sheena and Tyson (Kizuna and Takuto in the original Japanese version) receive an online invitation while playing a new Digimon game, after accepting the invitation they are sucked into the Digital World. Upon arriving in the Digital World, they immediately learn that the Digital World is not a paradise or a virtual game but a real place where Digimon are sentiment creatures, under the command of a powerful dictator known as Argomon

Argomon hijacked the Digital World's main computer and turned the Digital World which was once a paradise into a living hell. Argomon's goal is to find the code keys (pieces of Digital information that when gathered together can unlock the mysteries of the Digital World). In the Digital World there are several Digimon under Argomon's command that are searching for the code keys, as well a rebellious duo of humans named Royce and Ashley (known as Hiroyuki and Asuka in the Japanese version) trying to accomplish the same goal led by ChaosGallantmon.

Shu and his friends befriend there own Digimon, as well as make friends with many other Digimon on their quest to find the seven code keys and bring peace to the Digital World.


For a list of episodes, see Fan: List of Digimon World Episodes

# Title Original
Air Date
Air Date
1 "Beginning"
"My Story!"
2010 2012
2 "Hear Me Roar"
"GeoGreymon Roar!"
2010 2012
3 "A Knockout Battle"
"Gaomon's Punch Out!"
2010 2012
4 "The Brave Little Digimon"
"Lion Flying in the Sky, Firamon!"
2010 2012
5 "Julie Fights Back"
"Fight with Reality, Yui!"
2010 2012
6 "A Sub Zero Battle"
"Clash Below Zero!"
2010 2012
7 "Dancing in the Moon Light"
"Moon Night Bomb, Lekismon!"
2010 2012
8 "You've Got a Friend"
"Friends Forever Wizarmon!"
2010 2012
9 "Wanted in the Wild West"
"Battle on the Sand Dunes!"
2010 2012
10 "The Way of the Tiger"
"Digi Ninja Showdown!"
2010 2012
11 "It's Time to Digi-Duel"
"Sword Fight! Shu VS Karatenmon!!"
(剣は戦う!シューVS カラテンモン!!)
2010 2012
12 "Teenage Mutant Kimeramon"
"Mutant Digimon! Kimeramon Runs Wild!"
(変異型デジモン! 野生を実行!)
2010 2012
13 "Rise and Shine, RizeGreymon!"
"Awakening, GeoGreymon Evolves!"
2010 2013
14 "Flaremon Howls!"
"Flaremon Howl!"
2010 2013
15 "The Dark Warrior, ChaosGallantmon!"
"Black Knight, ChaosDukemon!"
2010 2013
16 "The Tyrant Lucemon Appears"
"Tyrannical Lucemon Appears!"
2010 2013
17 "Ashley's Guardian Angel"
"Asuka's Guardian, Yatagaramon!"
2010 2013
18 "Phantasmagoria"
"SkullBaluchimon's Phantasmagorical Illusion"
2010 2013
19 "Brighter Than a Shooting Star"
"Meteor Buster MachGaogamon!"
2010 2013
20 "The Great Digimon Undersea Adventure"
"The Great Digimon Undersea Adventure!"
2010 2013
21 "The Fight for Friendship"
"Fight for Friendship, Crescemon!"
2010 2013
22 "Much Aldo About Samudramon"
"Merchant of Death, Gaioumon!"
2010 2013
23 "The Truth About Royce"
"Hiroyuki's Bombshell?!"
2010 2013
24 "Locked in Mortal Combat"
"Deadly Clash! The Black Knight vs the Merchant of Death!"
2010 2013
25 "The King of Destruction, Argomon"
"King of Destruction, Algomon!"
2010 2013
26 "Showdown in the Human World"
"Tokyo Showdown!"
2010 2013
27 "Enter the Dragon"
"The Dragon of Light, ShineGreymon!"
2010 2013
28 "A Dragon's Pride"
"Pride of a Dragon"
2011 2013
29 "The Vampire Diaries"
"Vampire Digimon Onslaught!"
2011 2014
30 "The Castle of Nightmares"
"GranDracumon's Nightmare Caste!"
2011 2014
31 "A Knight's Honor"
"Hiroyuki, Becomes a Knight"
2011 2014
32 "The Digimon Formerly Known as Prince"
"PrinceMamemon's Royal Kingdom!"
2011 2014
33 "The Greed of a King"
"The Greedy King Barbamon!"
2011 2014
34 "Sheena's Mega Battle"
"Kizuna Stand Up!"
2011 2014
35 "Give Me Give Me Never Gets"
"Eat or Be Eaten!"
2011 2014
36 "A Family Affair"
"Brother, I Need to Be Strong!"
2011 2014
37 "The Heart of a Digimon"
"Takuto's Warm Heart!"
2011 2014
38 "Apollomon, Warrior of the Sun Won't You Come?"
"A Fight with Crossed Hearts!"
2011 2014
39 "The Heavens Tremble"
"Heaven in Distress! Turn it into Strength"
2011 2014
40 "Darkness in my Heart"
"Lilithmon Whispers in the Darkness!"
2011 2014
41 "Glorious Chaos"
"Ultimate Chaosmon, The Day of Terror Manifest!"
2011 2014
42 "Forever United as One"
"Friendship, The Strongest Bond"
2011 2014
43 "Into the Wild Yonder"
"At Last! The Final Hell!"
2011 2014
44 "Daemon's Inferno"
"The Wrath of Daemon!"
2011 2014
45 "ChaosGallantmon's Last Stand"
"Now! ChaosDukemon's Final Assault!"
2011 2014
46 "O Daughter, Where Art Thou?"
"Rhythm? Algomon's Daughter!"
(リズム? アルゴモン娘!)
2011 2014
47 "An Ultimate Battle"
"All Ultimate Digimon Fight!"
2011 2014
48 "Moving to the Rhythm!"
"Tears for Rhythm!"
2011 2014
49 "Tomorrow Never Knows"
"Go Beyond Tomorrow!"
2011 2014
50 "And So It Ends"
"Believe in the Future!"
2011 2014



Shu and Agumon

Voiced by (En:) Ben Diskin, Brian Beacock (Ja:) Kumiko Higa, Taiki Matsuno
Shuu (Lost Evolution) b
Agumon t 2

Shu (シュウ)- age 11 Shu is a fifth grader with a calm and cool personality, however he is quick to think on his feet in difficult situations. Shu has many friends he can rely on despite just moving to his hometown, Shu like previous goggleheads loves to play soccer.

Sheena and Gaomon

Voiced by (US:) Laura Bailey, Kyle Hebert (Ja:) Megumi Han, Nakai Kazuya
Kizuna b
Gaomon t

Kizuna (キズナ)- age 11, A fifth grader, with a tomboyish like personality she enjoys sports and computers. Like Shu she has a calm and cool personalty, however she will fight when the time calls for it.

Royce and Kudamon

Voiced by (US:) Vic Mignogna, Sam Regal (Ja:) Kanae Oki, Nanaho Katsuragi
Hiroyuki b
Kudamon (2006 anime) t

Hiroyuki (ヒロユキ)- age 11 A fifth grader and a former classmate of Shu, Royce tends to be a very capricious child with has a high amount of curiosity that tends to sometimes lead him into trouble. He was lead into the Digital World by ChaosGallantmon, and often is around whenever there is trouble. He believes that he is in the online Digimon game and not the Digital World.

Ashley and Falcomon

Voiced by (US:) Kate Higgins, Steve Blum (Ja:) Kaori Mizuhashi, Chie Kojiro
Asuka b
Falcomon (2006 anime) t

Asuka (アスカ)- age 11 A fifth grader who is a bright and positive and a hard worker, at first she seems bothersome but later acts as a big sister towards the group. She was also led into the Digital World by ChaosGallantmon, who manipulated her into believing that the Digimon are just data and not sentiment creatures. Ashley comes from a military family, and often comes up with multiple battle plans.

Julie and Lunamon

Voiced by (US:) Stephanie Sheh, Michelle Ruff (Ja:) Kotono Mitsuishi, Hiromi Konno
Yui b
Lunamon b 2

Yui (ユイ) - age 8 The younger sister of Royce. A 2nd grade student in elementary school, she is quiet, modest and is good in science and arithmetic. She hates quarreling, however after meeting Shu and his friends, she decides to join them on their quest to restore peace to the Digital World, and free her brother from ChaosGallantmon.
Tyson and Coronamon

Voiced by (US:) Brice Papenbrook, Derek Stephen Prince (Ja:) Megumi Urawa, Tomomichi Nishimura
Takuto (Lost Evolution) b
Coronamon b

Takuto (タクト)- age 7 Tyson is a first grader, who tries his best to have a warm heart despite many poor things that go on around him, though feeling awkward at times he puts up a strong front to be brave around his friends and the Digimon despite being a crybaby back home.


Argomon (Ultimate) b

Voiced by (En:) Jamieson Price (Ja:) Hanawa
Argomon (アルゴモン Algomon), The main antagonist of the series who hijacked the Digital World's main computer Yggdrasil and turned the Digital World from a paradise into a living nightmare. Argomon's goal is to collect all seven code keys, so that he can reign supreme over both humans and Digimon.

ChaosGallantmon b

Voiced by (En:) Sean Schemmel (Ja:) Takaya Kamikawa
ChaosGallantmon (カオスデュークモン ChaosDukemon), is the second main antagonist of the series. Like Argomon he aims to collect all seven code keys, to rule over both the Digital World and human worlds. ChaosGallantmon is responsible for luring Hiroyuki, Yui, and Asuka into the Digital World.

SkullBaluchimon b

Voiced by (En:) Steve Kramer (Ja:) Fumihiko Tachiki
(スカルバルキモン), a subordinate of Argomon, he is the first antagonist the digidestined meet when arriving in the Digital World. SkullBalluchimon has no emotions or brain, so he was easily manipulated by Argomon to do his bidding and attack multiple zones for the code keys.

Samudramon b

Voiced by (En:) Matthew Mercer (Ja:) Bin Shimada
Samudramon (ガイオウモン Gaioumon), the third subordinate of Argomon, who claims to be Argomon's right hand man, wielding the deadly "Kikurin" (菊燐? lit. "Chrysanthemum and Phosphorus") swords. Argomon nicknamed him the merchant of death due to his highly combative skills and combat record.

Voiced by (En:) Patrick Seitz (Ja:) Tomohiro Nishimura


Spinomon (Supinomon スピノモン) A dinosaur Digimon who possesses extreme intelligence and boosts as the strongest and greatest among the Dragon and Dinosaur Digimon in Argomon's new Digital World. Spinomon is the ruler of the first kingdom, in Argomon's new world. Spinomon revives Lucemon: Shadowlord Mode using the code key of pride.

GranDracmon b

Voiced by (En:) Troy Baker (Ja:) Akio Suyama
GrannDracmon (グランドラクモン GrandDracumon) A demon beast Digimon who rules over the second kingdom, it is considered the king of vampire Digimon in that zone. GranDracmon lives within the nightmare castle, where he holds the code key of envy.

Barbamon b

Voiced by (En:) Chris Sabat (Ja:) Hideo Watanabe
Barbamon (バルバモン) Barbamon rules over the third kingdom in Argomon's new world, over the mythological, beast, and wizard type Digimon. Barbamon holds the code key of greed, which he uses to control the Digimon in that zone to do his bidding, Barbamon is later defeated by Kizuna and MirageGaogamon.

Voiced by (En:) Kyle Hebert (Ja:) Hideo Hiroki Takahashi

Beelzemon Satan Double Attack 3

Beelzemon (ベルゼブモン Beelzebumon) is an extremely prideful Digimon, merciless however Beezlemon will not pick a fight with weaker Digimon (or humans). Beezlemon rules the fourth kingdom with the code key of gluttony.

Voiced by (En:) Richard Epcar (Ja:) Kosei Hirota

Merukimon t

Merukimon (メルクリモン Mercurymon) Merukimon rules over the fifth kingdom of Argomon's new world, and was entrusted with the code key of sloth by Argomon. Merukimon however unknowingly to Argomon's knowledge, despises Argomon for what he did to Yggdrasil and the Digimon. Mercurymon wants peace between the Digimon and wants the hearts of Digimon to return to the way they were before being tainted by Argomon. When Argomon learns of his plan and revives Belphemon: Rage Mode to destroy him, he sacrifices himself so that Apollomon can destroy Belphemon.

6-14 Analyzer-01 JP

Voiced by (En:) Laura Bailey (Ja:) Yuki Kaida
Laylamon (リリスモン Lilithmon) Rules the sixth kingdom in Argomon's new world using the code key of lust. Laylamon takes control of Ceresmon, and uses her powers of lust to bring devastation and chaos to the Fruit Forest.


Voiced by (En:) Todd Haberkorn (Ja:) Isshin Chiba
Daemon (デーモン Demon) rules the seventh and final kingdom with the code key of wrath. Daemon sends the Daemon Corps after the digidestined, however after the Daemon Corps is defeated he confronts them in battle. Daemon is later killed when ShineGreymon, MirageGaogamon, Sleipmon, Ravemon, Apollomon, and Dianamon combine there attacks together.

Theme Songs


Opening 1 Power Play

  • Artist: Miyazaki Ayumi

Insert Song: Shining Dreamers

  • Artist: Iwasaki Takafumi

English Songs

Opening Theme: I'm Going Digital

  • Artist: Jason Radford

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