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Every story needs a start. as Eric's dad would say. This is the story about 3 best friends who love digimon. Just as they are rehearsing for the school play of Romeo and Juliet the digiport opens. But in Digimon X there is something called X digivolution where the digimon can digivolve to their X forms and crush evil Apollomon and his pals. The story introduces Fan:Eric Hikari and Fan:Veemon(X) , Fan:Emily Tomchick and Fan:Guilmon(X), Fan:Rick Lockings and Fan:Agumon(X), and little Fan:Dorimon(X).


X Team

  • Eric Hikari
  • Emily Tomchick
  • Rick Lockings
  • Veemon
  • Guilmon
  • Agumon
  • Dorimon

Apollo Forces

  • Apollomon
  • Pteramon
  • Commandomon
  • Devimon
  • Other digimon


1.Fan:I call on, digimon

2.Fan:Go Veemon!

3.Fan:Help on Stage

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