Fan:Digimon X-Evolution

Genre:Action, Adventure, Shōnen
Studio:Fanfiction Doc Manager
Network:Fanfiction Page

Digimon Fusion is a fanfiction created by ShadowPikachu126[2]. Vist the Digital World where a Mysterious Virus has caused 25% of the world Digimon, to be infected by the X-Antibody, which causes Digimon to change and become stronger. These Digimon aren't like by some Digimon but are mostly accepted. Our atory starts where an Agumon X and Gabumon X are being chased by a herd of Mammothmon to escape they escape into the Real World where they meet Shuto Wami, and Destro "Rusty" Kino. Join them are Shuto's little brother, Sam and his partner Kudamon X and David "Drift" Friman the group's residential nerd, and his partner KoKabuterimon X. They now need to learn and accept their Digimon, battle against Regular Digimon who don't accept the X-Evolved Digimon, as they Change into Digital Champions to Save and Defend the World!

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