Digimon X-Legend

Genre:Action, Adventure, Shonen, Science Fiction, Comedy drama
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Digimon X-Legend is a fanfictional season of Digimon. It's based on Mega Man Star Force and Mutant Turtles: Choujin Densetsu-hen. It has some elements from Digimon Adventure, Digimon Savers and Digimon Xros Wars series.


Long ago, a leader of the Digimon heroes, Omnimon who had to save the Digital World from all cause. Upon their defeat, the spirits of Omnimon and the rest of the Digimon were imprisoned in tiny devices called DigiMemories which could be harnessed by an X-Gadget and used to summon the warrior for one attack.

1,000 years later, a strange extraterrestrials, Neutroms who are aware of the Digital World's existence. They explored mysterious temple of the Lost City of Olympus Twelve where they discovered a Cyber Stones which were originally created by Omnimon and his powerful heroic warriors who saved the Digital World and they found an X-Gadgets. As they discovered them, they met a wise Digimon Shamanmon who guards the Cyber Stones and X-Gadgets. Shamanmon and a group of Neutroms were the ones that choose the Chosen Digimon. Soon, however, the Death Masters discovered their plans, and DeathKnightmon, along with his human partner Nuro Soku and his alien companion, Kraank, and an army of Troopmon, Mekanorimon, Sealsdramon, MetalTyrannomon, Tankmon, Pteramon and Mammothmon, invaded and destroyed the secret base, killing all save Shamanmon and one of the Neutroms. DeathKnightmon, Nuro Soku, and Kraank stole the Cyber Stones and X-Gadgets, but Shamanmon and one of the Neutroms interrupted them by attacking them with a sword and a lightsaber. DeathKnightmon inserted a mysterious purple ball into Shamanmon before Shamanmon and a few of the Neutroms leapt into a Neutrom ship—escaping with the Digi-Eggs of the Chosen Digimon, Cyber Stones, and X-Gadgets. Shamanmon and a few of the Neutroms recruit five "teenagers with attitude" to do battle against them. They were given any Digimon and became known as the DigiDestined.


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Character Digimon
Tyler Gyoku
(Gyōku Tirā)
A teenager who is a skilled fighter, Tyler was chosen by Omnimon to lead the DigiDestined. He is the show's version of Geo.
Ricky Hamoshi
(Hamōshi Rikki)
A comedic overweight boy who's also a skilled fighter but he got a nervous personality. He is the show's version of Bud.
Lani Airuko
(Airukō Rāni)
An African American girl who is the daughter of an extremely wealthy African ambassador. Lani is the "Smart girl" of the team and has even been shown to pilot vehicles such as a jet plane and a speedboat. She has an obsessive crush on Tommy and has kissed him.
Felix Kusho
(Kusho Veirikkusu)

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