One day 50 years ago, a project called project GRIMM was launched,known as the future of Digimon.They thought that it would be tamed,but they were wrong.the project went out of control, and a new digimon known as Grimmon was born.The new digimon was taking control of other digimon, until the govern of the digital world,YGGDRASIL sealed him away inside him,making him under control,and then had a hatred of humans.PRESENT-hey redveedramon!what are you doing!?!i'm doin what real dogs do! well stop doin it now!O.K. i will stop! ok lets get to this place called the "DIGITAL WORLD" OK were here! hey hayden, theres a wolfpheomon gettin ready for battle!OK!red card go!V-breath arrow!yes!wolfpheomon is down! now lets see more about the digital world!

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