Digimon X and Y is the seventh Digimon season after Fusion ended. It revolves around nine kids, the new DigiDestined.

DigiDestined and partners

Takeru Akashi:

The new leader of the DigiDestined. He idolizes Davis Motomiya. He is very caring and owns the Crest of Courage and the Y-Stone of Courage. His partner is Magmamon

Daisuke "Suke" Ota:

Takeru's best friend. He owns the Crest of Friendship and the X-Stone of Friendship. His Partner is Toxicmon.

Ken Neme:

One of the younger DigiDestined. He owns the Crest of Knowledge and the Y-Stone of Knowledge. His partner is SilverHogmon

Ryo Hono:

Ken's best friend. He owns the Crest of Trust and the X-Stone of Trust. His partner is MageHogmon.

Kari Hoshi:

Takeru's friend. She owns the Crest of Light and the Y-Stone of Light. Her partner is Leodramon.

Mika Akashi:

Takeru's sister and Suke's love interest. She owns the Crest of Love and the X-Stone of Love. Her partner is Griffonmon.

Mina Nonaka:

Mika's best friend. She owns the Crest of Sincerity and the Y-Stone of Sincerity. Her partner is Bellaromon.

Mita Izumi:

Ken and Ryo`s friend. She owns the Crest of Caring and the X-Stone of Caring. Her partner is WaterHogmon.

Sora Raito:

Formerly Takeru's enemy, she is now a DigiDestined. She owns the Crest of Truth and the the Y-stone of Truth. Her partner is Cumumon.

Ruki Takamoto

Takeru's and Daisuke's friend. Her partner is Kumimon. She owns the rest of Caring, but doesn`t need an X-Stone.


Mokumon: Evil Mega-Digimon who despises the DigiDestined. He owns the Crest of Destruction and plans to use it to destroy the children.

Ragnamon: When the Digidestined defeat Mokumon, he says with his final breath that a greater evil is rising. He doesn't own any Crest, but does own the Destructo-Beam, an ancient sword.

Hatimon: One of Ragnamon`s henchmen and destroyer of the Server Continent.

Skollmon: One of Ragnamon`s henchmen and destroyer of the seventh Destiny Stone.

Garmon: Ragnamon`s son. Destroyer of Primary Village.

Fenrimon: Ragnamon's trusted advisor. Killer of Azumon.


There are currently 60 episodes of Digimon X and Y. There are three sections. Each contains 20 Episodes.

Section one: Mokumon's Rage

Section two: The Rise of Ragnamon


Section three: The four Digi-Guardians

More about Digimon X and Y will be published.

X and Y Stones

Each DigiDestined will find an X or Y stone. These help evolve their Mega Digimon. There is, however, one exception to this. If a DigiDestined realizes the true meaning of their Crest, they can Turbo-Digivolve (a jump from Rookie to Ultra). So far, Ruki has only been able to do this. Here are evolutions with X and Y Stones:

Magmamon can digivolve from SparkGreymon into Vulcamon.

Leodramon can digvolve from SwordLeodramon into FlareLeodramon.

SilverHogmon can digivolve from ZephyrHogmon into Zeusmon.

Salamamdermon can digivolve from BurnAxoltolmon into Volcadramon.

MageHogmon can digivolve from BurstHogmon into Thothmon

WaterHogmon can digivolve from TyphoonHogmon into Cyclomon.

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