Digimon Xros Experts: Championship is a Fanon Series by Digital Tamer. The series is about several Humans sent to the Digital World via their Xros Loader Toys, they soon find out that the Toys were just tests to find the greatest Generals to compete in a Championship in the Digital World, however, possibly the strongest and warm-hearted General, has no Army. He must find the Digimon from his Xros Loader before the Championship begins. The series mixes Digi-Xrossing (also used instead of DNA Digivolving) with Digivolution and Armour Digivolution.

Generals & Armies


General: Ruku Tomuson

Goal: To find all his Digimon and win the Championship with fairness.

Xros Loader Colour: Green

Digimon in Army (Episode of First Appearance)


General: Ikai Jeruka

Goal: To win the Championship and show everyone else up as weak.

Xros Loader Colour: Blue

Digimon in Army (Episode of First Appearance)


General: Nekara Shido

Goal: To win the Championship, and the heart of Kato Mataka.

Xros Loader Colour: Yellow

Digimon in Army (Episode of First Appearance)


General: Kato Mataka

Goal: To win the Championship and earn the respect of the Royal Knights so his Digimon can become a part of them.

Xros Loader Colour: Red

Digimon in Army (Episode of First Appearance)

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