About 2 year after the end of Taiki's adventure in Digital World Taiki was call back to Digital World along by Akari Hinomoto, Nene Amano and Kiyama Kakeru his new friend. But when they arrive at Digital World it was like it have been destroy. Then they meet their teammates. Taiki realized that it was because a Digmon. When Taiki activate digixros to make Shoutmon X5 it can't work because the memory of the Xros Loader had been taken by a mysterious Digimon. So Taiki digixros Shoutmon and Spadamon to make Shoudamon X2.After Digmon was defeated Taiki and his friend decided to gather the memory of the Xros Loader.


New Xros Heart

Dark Saber Army

Sieg Army


1.Xros Heart Call Back

2.A new Digixros

3.Journey for The Lost Memory

4.Cliff Zone, Dangerous Exploration Zone

5.Crisis, Dex Dorugreymon Rebirth

6.3,2,1, Dorulu Cannon Activate

7.Miracle, The Underwater City

8.Marine Zone Mysteries

9.High Pressure Underwater Battle

10.The Zone of Darkness

11.Dark Saber Army, Reveal

12.Jetzromon VS Jack Sparrow

13.Darkness Zone's Collapse

14.Tactimon's Aid

15.The Truth of The Darkness Zone

16.Outer Space Adventure

17.Galaxiemon The God of Galaxy Zone

18.Great Clash, Xros Heart VS Dark Saber Army Vs Sieg Army

19.Hyperionmon Betrayer of Sieg Army

20.Future Zone, The Hi-Tech Zone

21.Kakeru's Proof of a General

22.Hyperbustermon VS HiAndromon

23.Underground Exploration

24.Digmon, The Tunnel Digger

25.X4 Comeback Action

26.The Forever Snow Zone

27.Knight to Holy

28.The Metal Cold Battle,MetalSeadramon Appear

29.Force of The Leader, SaberKnightmon VS LordSiegmon

30.The Last of The Sieg Army

31.SaberKnightmon Real Identity

32.The Last Memory

33.Last Battle, VictoryShoutmon VS SaberKnightmon Destroy Mode

34.Memory of Xros Heart

Movie. Digital World Last Hope

Movie 2. Battle Beetween Time

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