Digimon Xros Wars: Hunter Academy

Chapter 1: New Hunters, New Armies It was a sunny day at Uziashi High School but not for 14 year old Takushi Shouda who was in class listening to his History Teacher Mrs. Akai who was talking about Ancient China Why does she talk so much, I need to make it to my House to relax , Takushi said in his mind. Then after the school bell rang he leaped out the door and ran home and went to the fridge for his cola when he saw his baby sister Mina who was recently born, Then as he went upstairs his mom yelled Do Your Homework! , Fine! , Takushi yelled back. As he sat down drinking his cola a voice was heard, You my friend will become a hunter , What the... , then a golden portal opened on the door and has he froze and walked up to it, He touched it and flew inside and in a minute he was in... New Digiquartz!!! Next time on Digimon Xros Wars: Hunter Academy, Takushi discovers his real father is Taiki Kudo and is chosen to participate in Hunter Academy and meet new friends and his Digimon Partner and starts his own army with his friends, Blaze Xros Heart

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