Digimon Xros Wars: Hunter Academy

Episode 2: Welcome to Hunter Academy

Takuishi looked around the dark and barren area Where the heck am I , Come Taku... I need to show you something , Takuishi followed the voice only to see a big silver castle like building, Then the dark figure revealed it's self Hello...son , What! You're not my father your too slim and don't look as old as him , But I'am your father and those people who are taking care of you is Zenjirou and Nene Amano who are my friends Sooooo... you are saying that... you are my father , Yes , Takuishi teared up and hugged him, Now come my son, Come inside , Taiki exclaimed. When Takuishi walked in he saw lots of teens about his age battling Digimon and practicing their capturing skills in the Training Area, What the heck is this place , It's Hunter Academy, It is a school that I created with your mother , My mom! Where is she? , Shhhh, as I was saying it is a school that trains the kids to become great hunters and be Compatible with their digimon partners and to own their own armies to defeat Burgademon ,Then Taiki and his son walked into his office and saw a red haired woman and it was... Akari Kudo Son... Is that really... you , Yes mom , She started to cry and then hugged him and told him about the Academy and how they called Takuishi to the New DigiQuartz to stop the evil new threat Burgademon who threatens the Digital world and New Digiquartz and then Takuishi froze,That's why we created Hunter Academy , Taiki then passed Takuishi his old red Xros loader and then Takuishi agreed to join the Academy to become like his dad and defeat Burgademon. Next time on Digimon Xros Wars: Hunter Academy, It is the 1st day as a Hunter-in-training for Takuishi and he finds a pure silver wolf with red markings who is his new digimon partner and finally starts Blaze Xros Wars with his new friends Mia and Kai and their digimon and Burgademon sends Darkvenosmon, so now it's time to DigiXros!!!

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