Digimon Xros Wars: Infinity Warriors is a fan digimon anime series created by JBolbotowski1, which take place in an alternative timeline separate from A Glorious DigiXros, Seize It! Our Future!! to the Burn up Tagiru! A Glorious Digimon Hunt!.


It's been 1 year since the defeat of DarknessBagramon and the final battle with Quartzmon.


Main Characters

Ralph Taylor
Ralph Taylor
A young brave, optimistic, warmhearted, hot-tempered, impulsive, happy-go-lucky, loyal 15-year-old boy. He has a crush on Jenny. His Digimon partner is Shriekmon.

Jennifer "Jenny" Cloxworth
Jennifer "Jenny" Cloxworth
A young, kind, sweet, hardworking, beautiful, 13-year-old girl of African American descent. She mostly wears a pink sweater with a white skirt, lavender Jewelry, and orange high tops. Her Digimon partner is Operamon.

Bill Junior "B.J." Markhood
Bill Junior "B.J." Markhood
A young fat, goodhearted, charismatic, eccentric, somewhat dim-witted, polite, helpful, 15-year-old boy. He is Ralph's neighbor and best friend. His Digimon partner is Motormon.

Clarence Johnson
Clarence Johnson
A cold, grumpy, calm, and calculating teenager who is Ralph's rival. His Digimon partner is TyrantGreymon.

Casey Johnson
Casey Johnson
A tough, kind-hearted, tomboyish girl who is Clarence's twin sister. Her Digimon partner is Doumon.

Recurring Characters

Xros Heart

Mikey Kudo
Voiced by:
(Ja:) Minami Takayama
(En:) Ian James Corlett
A teenager who was chosen by Omnimon to stop the Bagra Army, by wielding the red X Loader as the General of the old Xros Heart army. His partner is Shoutmon.

Akari Hinomoto
Voiced by:
(Ja:) Ryoko Shiraishi
(En:) Barbara Mamabolo
Childhood friend of Mikey who is a year younger but acts like his big sister. She acts as the peacemaker for Xros Heart. Her partners are Cutemon, Dorulumon, and Lunamon.

Zenjirou Tsurugi
Voiced by:
(Ja:) Daisuke Kishio
(En:) Sam Witter
A self-proclaimed rival of Mikey who practices kendo and is very knowledgeable about machinery. He was a member of Xros Heart during the war against the Bagra Army. His partner is Ballistamon.

Returning Characters

Taichi "Tai" Kamiya
Voiced by:
(Ja:) Toshiko Fujita
(En:) Jason Spisak
Leader of the original Digidestined children. His Digimon partner is Agumon.

Other Digimon