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Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Heroes Through Time is a fan digimon anime series created by JBolbotowski1, which take place in an alternative timeline separate from A Glorious DigiXros, Seize It! Our Future!! to the Burn up Tagiru! A Glorious Digimon Hunt!.


It's been 5 years since the defeat of DarknessBagramon and the final battle with Quartzmon.


Main Characters

Ronny Sinclair
A young brave, optimistic, warmhearted, hot-tempered, impulsive, happy-go-lucky, loyal 15-year-old boy. He is the cousin of Mikey Kudō, who acts like a brother figure. He has a crush on Lucy. His Digimon partner is Shoutmon.

Lucy Loxworth
A young, kind, sweet, hardworking, beautiful, 13-year-old girl of Scottish and Italian descent. She is a cousin of Akari Hinomoto who acts like a sister figure. She mostly wears a lavender sweater with a white skirt, pink Jewelry, and orange high tops. Her Digimon partner is Lunamon.

Felix Simmerson
A young fat, goodhearted, charismatic, eccentric, somewhat dim-witted, polite, helpful, 15-year-old boy. He is Ronny's best friend. His Digimon partner is Tractormon.

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