Fan:Digimon Xtreme Work in progress

[The scene opens to a Collesium]

Gotsumon 1: Oh! He's caught another Digimon!

Gotsumon 2: They all change once he puts those dark rings on them!

Gotsumon 3: If he thinks he's going to catch us, he's got rocks in his head!

Gotsumon 2: Then again, so do we! We've got to run!

Gotsumon 3: We can't abandon our friend, Elecmon!

[Soon an enslaved Digimon goes on the attack, showing no mercy.]

Gotsumon 2: He's making them fight!

Gotsumon 1: Digimon who are friends would never fight!

Gotsumon 3: What a terrible person!


[GOTSUMON 1 and GOTSUMON 3 have dark rings on them and they start to fight one another]

Gotsumon 2: How can they fight? They're best friends!

[The figure smirks as behind him, a girl watches with mixture of awe and fear...] --- Analyzer: Drimogemon lives deep insidethe cavities of the digital world.

[<> falls down a hole in the ground. <> follows him, and they are both pulled under by Drimogemon.] --- <>: My head... Who are you?

<>: I'm rather disappointed I was able to catch you so easily.

<>: Are you the Dark Kaizer?

<>: No I am not. So...I am <>. Leader of the <>. <>: But you're a kid, just like me. --- Drimogemon

A series of golden rock rings envelops Drimogemon, forming a shell as he changes his form. Drill bits exploded from both his arms and finally his face. As he broke free of the rest of the gold shell, is now Digmon.

Analyzer: Digmon, the Drill of Knowledge. - Earth Digi Memory

A large golden yellow mechanical lion with a drill-like mane and a mace-like tail. The tires in his feet help him move quite fast.

[LoaderLiomon knocks Digmon down.]


others: LoaderLiomon?!

[flings Digimon away.]

Digmon: Gold Rush!

[Digmon fired the drills mounted on his nose and hands at LoaderLiomon, who passes each of Digmon's drills and latches unto to the bug Digimon, biting though the armor in a series of jumps and maulings.]

Guys: Amazing!

[whack of the tail.]


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