Taisuke: I am Taisuke, leader Digital Hearts. If you decide that you're going to be a wall that's standing in our way... Ginomon: We'll burst through you every time! --- Sigmamon: Where is he?

[Bio<> comes from the front and kicks Sigmamon in the face knocking him down.]

Beelzemon steps on Sigmamon’s shoulder and pushes him back.

Bio<>mon: It's goodbye.

Bio<>mon: You annoying...

More hit him and Sigmamon gets up and headbutts <> into a rock. --- Bio<>: Sigmamon: You can’t hurt us anymore.

Sigmamon: Your judgment day is at hand. For the horrible things you have done, now you must pay the ultimate price!

[The attack hits Bio<>, thrown back by the continuing blast.]

Bio<>: This can’t be...happening!

Smoke fills the air and it clears away to leave a weaken <> kneeling on the ground in pain.

Sigmamon: where it ends.

<>: Impossible! I forsaw all. How could I have lost?

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