Digimon Corey

A young guy named Taihira Darata (Taihi Darata) leaves for Digital World and meet young dragon Digimon, Vibromon. They become fast friends and start a journey.

In their patch, they meet intellectual girl Sadira Omomoki. Her partner Digimon, Renamon, a very intelligent Digimon, met in friendship with Taihira and Vibromon.

They meet the young girl and guy, Eluna and Richard, with their digimon Wormmon (Eluna's Digimon) and Hornomon (Richard's Digimon).

Digivolutions: Vibromon -> Sonicdramon -> AttackTyrranomon -> Knightdramon Renamon -> Kyubimon -> Taomon -> Sakuyamon

Coming soon

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