Lucas and Dracomon. Has the Courage D-Destiny.

Max and Bearmon. has the friendship D-Destiny.

Chelsea and Lopmon. Has the Love D-Destiny.

Jack and Coronamon. Has the Hope D-Destiny.

Lucy and Lunamon. Has the Sincerity D-Destiny.

Yushiko and Dorumon. Has the Light D-Destiny.

Ryu and Ryudamon. Has the Kindness D-Destiny.

Alistair, RookChessmon and BishopChessmon. Has the Reliability D-Destiny.


The Armor Knights

Team Rookie

Team Champion

Team Ultimate

Team Mega

The Royal Knights

The Chibi Knights


To awaken ChronomonHeroMode so that the Chaos Lords can be destroyed.


Chaos Lords

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