Digimon digital world defenders is a fanfic written by the user Immatakatomon. it follows the adventure of four digimon tamers to defeat millenniumon.



hannah is 14 years old, the oldest of the group, she's brave and know a lot about digimon, she carries a book called "the complete digimon encyclopedia" . her digimon partner is Renamon.


Brian is 13 years old, he likes to draw and battle with digimon. he can be easily distracted and likes to make his friends laugh. his digimon partner is Dorumon.


devon is 13 years old. he likes to be only with his friends and likes cat digimon. usally seen by himself reading and looking for four leaf clovers. his digimon partner is Liollmon.


morgan is 13 years old. he wants to be a commander in the machinedramon army. he likes to work with guns and computers. his digimon partner is Commandramon.


Ryan is 20 years old, he is hannah's older brother and is a platnium tamer. but he has a job delivering food to people and digimon. his digimon partner is Guilmon X.


Sophie is hannahs little sister. she wants to be a tamer when she grows up. her digimon partner is Chibomon.

Digimon Partners


Renamon b

Renamon is hannah's partner, she is smart and wise. Hannah likes to train her and raise her speed. usally calm and indipendent. she likes to look after hannah.



dorumon is brian's partner, hyper and ready to fight. dorumon is always looking for a fight. he can fly for a few minutes off the ground and likes to tease brian.


Liollmon b

Lliollmon is devon's partner. quiet and collective he, like devon, only likes to be with his friends. it is unkown how devon got such a rare digimon. he is protective of his friends.


Comandramon is morgans partner. he is tough and smart. and likes todo dangerous things with morgan. he usally likes to be by himself and fights alone.

Commandramon b

Guilmon X

Guilmon X b

guilmon x is ryans patner. he is a carrier of the X antibody and is smart and resentful to his enemies. he helps ryan deliver food to people and digimon.


Chibomon is sophie's partner. he wants to be strong when he grows up, he spits bubbles for sophie and tries to attack with them.

Chibomon b


Lobomon is hannah, brian, devon and morgan's team leader. he is wise and fights fairly. he guides the group and helps them when need be. he is the warrior of light and wields two light swords. he is very protective of his group.

Lobomon b