DANIEL AND PRINCEANGEMON daniel is the leader of the digi destined he wears red goggles his clothes he wears are a dark blue hoodie and a red t shirt and he has white gloves and tracksuit bottoms daniel see`s princeangemon as the digimon version of himself princeangemon always tries to be like his tamer daniel holds the crest of heroism and the gold crest of life

BRANDON AND DIGISWORDMON brandon is a dark brown haired kid he is a blue belt in karatae he wears a green top and tracksuiut bottoms digiswordmon see`s brandon as a big brother so he call`s him anki which is big brother in japanese his crest is the crest of skill


alex is a kid with blonde hair he ran away from bommon when he first met him because he thought that he was a cherry bomb he wears a blue top and jeans commandramon is like gaomon because he calls alex sir once alex takes commandramons gun and shoots a greymon that is also the first time commandramon armor digivolves with the digi egg of courage alex holds the crest of loyalty and the gold crest of destiny


jake is a calm layed back kid he see`s falcomon as a freind falcomon is a brave and kind he bears the crest of happiness,falcomon digivolved to his mega level after jakes crest was supercharged by fanglongmon

AMY AND PRINCESSANGEMON amy is a girl with blonde hair she is very brave she wears clotes simalair to sora's princessangemon is a blonde female version of princeangemon princessangemon has a crush on princeangemon

SIMON AND KOTEMON simon is a german freind of daniels before he moved back to germany he and daniel had the same dream about crusadermon and kingseraphimon got turned gack into digi eggs

episode list 1.the sacred eggs hatch

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