she is a rooky Level digimon. she goes under the catagory of all four elements: water, air, fire and earth.


she looks a lot like a little white Labrador only reaching to about the knee. Like Gatomon she wears gloves on every paw, one white, one blue, one red and one green. these colours represent the elements. on each floppy ear she has a bright pink symbol of light. on her back she had a pair of scaly wings which she can use to fly.


she can be loyal when she wants to but at times she just enjoys seeing her partner 'suffer', meaning she enjoys teasing and being a little mean. she is capable of speech like all Digimon however at this stage she prefers to bark her responses enjoying the confusion that usually falls on her partner when he or she trys to understand what she's saying.

Attack her attacks at roocky level are quite basic

Pepper Breath: Shoots an orange and red fireballs from her mouth. Boom Bubble : takes in a big gulp of air- which she then shoots forward from her mouth. Diamond shield: covers her body instantly with a diamond like coating protecting her from most types of attacks. water pistol: shoots a line of water from her mouth


Minielemon is elemon in-training level she looks like something between Nyaromon and Xiaomon

Eledramon is Elemon Champion level. she looks like a giant scaley dragon. Her wings when fold the symbol of light can be seen in all four elemental colour. Her main attack would be called 'elemental blust' it when i spiral of water, fire, electricity and air shoot out of her mouth, mixing and causing a huge explosion.

Etoilmon is Elemon's Ultimate level. she appears to be an angel like angemon in a long night blue gown that seems to shine with all the stars on a clear night sky.she has feathered wings like Angemin and angewomon and most of her face is covered by a crescent moon helmet.. she has brown wavy hair to her waist. her two main attacks are Star tornedo ( allows her to gather the Spirits of the stars and propelling them in the form of tornadoes at her enemies.) and Celestial Judgement ( allows the injured to be healled of all injuries and Virus through a beam of moon light.)

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