Red Tamers


Yushiko is 11 years old, and likes playing videogames. While playing Digimon World 5 (a made up game), he noticed a digimon that shouldn't be in the game- Agumon. Agumon came out of the game saying that Yushiko is his tamer, and that he and his sister, Yoko, are Red Tamers, dedicated to protecting the world (with a little help from the Blue Tamers) from the evil Skull Tamers, who have formed an alliance with the Seven Great Demon Lords. Agumon's Champion level is HeroGreymon, his Ultimate level is BerserkGreymon, and his Mega level is VictoryGreymon. Yushiko's D-Spirit is gold.


Yoko is 12 (she is Yushiko's older sister)and she found her partner, Bearmon, while playing an online pet game. Bearmon said the same thing as Agumon, but to Yoko. Salamon's Champion level is Mikemon, his Ultimate level is WereGururumon, and his Mega level is KineticGarurumon (or KinGarurumon for short). Yoko's D-Spirit is black.


Ryu is 10 years old and is Yushiko's younger brother (and Yoko's youngest brother) and has a Penguinmon partner. Penguinmon came out of a Digimon V-Pet that Ryu was playing on. Penguinmon's Champion level is Aeromon, his Ultimate level is Deramon and his Mega level is Eaglemon. Ryu's D-Spirit is blue.

Blue Tamers


Lucas is 12 and his partner is a Labramon. Her Mega level is Anubismon (Anubismon is male, whereas Labramon is female). Lucas' D-Spirit is red.


Tamama is 11 and his partner is a DinoHyumon. DinoHyumon's Ultimate level is Megadramon and DinoHyumon's Mega level is WarGreymon. Tamama's D-Spirit is white.


Dororo is 10 and his partner is Elecmon. Elecmon's Champion level is Raiamon and his Ultimate level is GrapLeomon. Dororo's D-Spirit is orange.

Skull Tamers


Neo is 12 and his partner is BelphemonRM.


Amelia is 18 and her partner is Lilithmon.


Pandora is 11 and her partner is LucemonCM.


Kellyn is 12 (Neo's twin) and his partner is Daemon.


Rita is 10 and her partner is Leviamon.


Echo is 15 and his partner is Barbamon.


Sora is 9 and her partner is Beelzeemon.


Chaos is the leader of the Skull Tamers, and his partner is Ogudamon.

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