The story start with a party of all heros from season 1,season 2,season 3,season 4,season 5 and season 6 depending of the adventure you chosse the season later a digimon called exdevimon and stop the party so them fall in the digiworld but the digimons cant get anymore in its mega form however if you chosse the season depending in the final boss like season 1 apocalymon season 2 malomyotismon season 3 beelzemon season 4 lucemon season 5 yggdrasil season 6 darknessbagramon they both have different attacks the new locatons are deep jungle endless fall sea earthquake mountains subzero pollar demon lair and digital end the story continues a dorumon finds a tamer from one of the seasons they he find a lair for them the objetive is finish all the quests for battle the final boss the you can chosse another season the completed season will have a crown when you finish all seasons you can go for the special season they the final boss is exogrimmon super ultimate

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