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digimon ultimate is a fan fiction about 11 years after the events of digimon frontier. its about ymke (14), edwin (13), bas (10), laura (10) who get sucked into the digital world.

first part of story line: they get sucked into the digital world. there the four main heroes meet the old digidestined who are adults by now. they get attacked by a dark person who goes by the name of damien. who is in fact a earlier try from cherubimon for the spirit of darkness who couldnt do it, he got trapped in a mask that kyro (15) picked up. he took over his body and toke control) they meet their digimon and get digivices. ymke's digimon grauwymon is the first to digivolve. by the spirit of fire. they win and damien disapears. takuya passes over his goggles to ymke and tells that the leader has to have goggles. the older digidestined say goodbye. takuya and zoe are dating and the rest of the boys have girlfriends. the four heroes continue their journey to defeat damien and save kyro and the digital world.



ymke (14) fire

as the first goggle girl ymke is trying to live up to the title and responsibilities of being a goggle girl with her partner grauwymon she is crazy, brave and always prepared to fight for whats right.

edwin (13) light

as the light boy edwin is a calm, but still crazy boy. he often argues with ymke but he's okay with her being the leader. with dralfmon as his partner he is calm but still being a cool guy who loves music

bas (10) ice

as the ice boy bas is always trying to do become better and stronger, as the younger brother of ymke, he always looks up to her and tries to be good in her eyes. with tyromon as partner he is always happy and he is never alone again

laura (10) water

as the youngest of them all she is the most careless and easiest bored of them all, with leaparmon she never is bored. as water she is the first water digidestined ever.

kyro (15) darkness

as darkness kyro appears as a nice guy being controlled by damien, you dont see much of him in the begin only him trying to escape for the mask. with not having a digimon yet he doesnt have someone to rely on. he is mastering the power of darkness to escape the barrier inside.

damien (unknown)

as a fallen darkness spirit trapped in a mask he doesnt seem good. as the story progress you get to know his backstory.

for more information over digidestined and story visit my deviantartpage: ymke1000.deviantart

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