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hey what digi xros gear hunters where an alien digimon and his army invade the planet to destroy humans to take the human digi power but a human looking race called the alozenos informs the only two humans left taiki and tagiru and there partners gumdramon and shoutmon . tagiru xros loader was broken and learned his father was an alozenos and give them his xros loader for a upgrade they head into the world to fight the alien digimon from another planet


taiki kudo

tagiru akashi


trisrta akashi - tagiru older cousin wears a full biack with red trim body racing suit with red cape with black logo for intergalatic digimon police . brown hair red streaks

good digimon

neonshoutmon - trisrtas partner look like shoutmon with neon but black with red neon stripes



bad digimon

magmumomon the leader of the digimon invaders looks like a humanoid tiger with vulcan guns for arms

sekoeilemon the general of the invaders look like a humanoid dragon with swords for arms

magmaomon a lion humanoid army invading the earth the look like a humanoid army with amazing duplation and power and defence abiltys

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