Digimons of the Zodiac

Digimons of the zodiac series is a remake of the knights of the zodiac, in the series, knights of minervamon have to protect the goddess of the dangers that lurk in the shadows of the Digital World

main characters

Agumon Tyrannosaurus

Dorumon Dragon

Renamon Fox

Armadillomon Armadillo

Liollmon Lion

Gatomon, Hostess of Minervamon.


jupitermon, the god of lightning

minervamon, the goddess of wisdom

apollomon, the sun god

dianamon, the moon goddess

marsmon, the god of war

merukimon, the messenger god

neptunmon, the god of the ocean

venusmon, the goddess of beauty and love

vulcanusmon, the god of the forge

chronomon, the evil god of time

anubismon, the god of death

tenkitsumon, the god of goodness


Agumon (2006 anime) b


Dorumon b


Renamon b


Armadillomon b


Liollmon b


episodes: digimon of the zodiac episodes

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