Level Ultra
Attribute Dark
Family Unknown
Prior forms Raziomon

Evauramon's name derives from "Evil" and "Aura". It is an Ultra Digimon just like Chronomon. It digivolves from Raziomon in Digimon World: Digipocalypse when the game has been beaten in all difficulties and all collectibles have been gathered. Evauramon doesn't have the powers of Raziomon and its not visible. It can attain any form it wants and move freely between all worlds by summoning gates. As a "ghost", Evauramon can easily possess any being and control it anyway he wants and can even change the being's nature thus giving it complete control. An Evauromon once digivolved cannot change back to any previous form unless a Raziomon forces it to. The process is as simple as a challenge of power, where an Evauramon must defeat a Raziomon in a pure power duel. Only the most powerful Evauramons can win the duel.

Digimon World: Digipocalypse

Evauramon digivolves from Raziomon when the game has been beaten in all difficulties and all collectibles have been gathered. Then a Free Roam mode is available to do whatever you want in the game.

Known Abilities

  • Possesion: Posseses and gains absolute control over any being nearby. Restricted to one being for low powered Evauramons.
  • Personality Change: Changes the personality of any possesed being(s).
  • Nature Change: Changes the physical, magical, digital and/or mental nature of the possesed being(s).
  • Battle State: Switches to Battle State and uses all of the powers it has gathered to win in a duel against Raziomon.

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