Miyu got the swirly message portal thing again. It read: IMPRTANT! ONLINE UPDATE AVAILABLE PLEASE UPDATE!! NOW!!! Miyu clicked the triangle for yes and an Omnimon appeared on screen.

Omnimon, "I don't have much time but- you and I are in great danger. Please let no one else know except Toru And Rena. I am counting on you Miyu! All you must do is win that Tournament and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Miyu, The Digital World Needs Your Help! You Are A Digidestined!"

Miyu couldn't believe his ears. He Was A Digidestine! He quickly ran over to Toru and Rena. But it was too late, they were in a battle.

Some hour later, they all finally got a break.

Miyu quickly said, "Guys! You can't tell anyone else but....WE'RE DIGIDESTINE!

Toru said,"Dude yeah right!"

Rena looked at Miyu and said, "Toru, I don't think he's lieing. I've never seen his face like that unless he's telling something important and truthful."

Miyu explained what Omnimon said. They all agreed to let Miyu win, no matter what.

Battle Activate

Veemon VS. Coronamon (Because Rebel Knights Is Under New "Editorial Ownership", The Battle System Is Different From the First One [Slightly Or Brand-New, It Doesnt Matter just Enjoy])

-Battle Dome Active-

  • Current Digivolution Data- Veemon-Rookie Coronamon-Rookie*

Miyu: Card Slash- Digiegg OF Courage

Digivolution Veemon Armor Digivolve To Flamedramon

Flamedramon: Fire Rocket Attack Coronamon: Takes Minimal Flame Damage And Heavy Impact Damage

Coronamons Tamer: Card Slash- Apollomons Flame

Coronamon: Apollos Meteor Attack Miyu Card Slash - Digmons Armor Flamedramon: Takes No Fire Damage And No Impact Damage

Miyu: Dedigivolution Flamedramon To Veemon Miyu: Card Slash- Digiegg Of Miracles

Digivolution Veemon Golden Armor Digivolve To Magnamon

Magnamon: Magnablast Attack Coronamon: Takes Heavy Light Damage And Heavy Impact Damage

Coronamon Data Defeated

Winner Miyu And Magnamon

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