Chapter 1

I remember the first day I came to the digital world, or it came to me. The man was by my bedside when I woke up. I remember his face perfectly,old, very old, unearthly old white hair and all, but that's beside the point. His mouth was stitched shut and his eyes were covered by bandages. "You," a voice came from him, an old dry voice, one that sounds very worn like he had been through many wars and regretted what he did in all of them "who are you. You do not belong here." "Sure i do," I said still lying down in my bed " this my room isn't it. I'm lying on my bed. You don't belong here." Oh how childish I was back then, boy did i have to grow up fast. "This is not your world. Monsters" "What did you say?" "You are monsters. Go back to your world." He laid a cold hand on me and the world faded. I was in a forest, unlike any i have seen before. Right next to me there was a small machine and the old man was gone. Then a small orange dinosaur creature walked up to me. "Hey" it looked worried "who are you? Can you help me? You have a digivice,but i have never seen one like that before" "What? You talk? Where am I?" Then it approached me. A large dog with black spikes coming out of his back and his head made of magma. There was a man wearing a black suit and holding a whip. He wore a mask with two scars crossing on it. "I am a dark digidestined, who are you?"

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