Digital Monsters CCG

Digital Monsters CCG (Collectible Card Game) is a fan Manga. It is mainly about cards.


Okumura Kaichi

Kaichi is the main protagonist of this Manga. He is a quite active guy. He jumps to action whenever he finds something interesting. He has a deck of heroes named Virus Busters. His aces are Cronamon, Firamon, Flaremon, Applolomon and later Alphamon.He likes to lead their group though he takes decisions without thinking. He hates the the arrogant attitude of Shuuya and the dreadful attitude of Reichi.

Okumura Kai

Kai is Kaichi's little brother. He is very cute and follows his brother all the way. He likes to card battle too. He has a deck of Beasts named Nature Spirits. His Aces are Bearmon, Grizzlymon, Grapleomon and later Marsmon. He is mostly Shy and is cheered up by his brother.

Sachio Snowy

Snowy is a good friend of Kaichi. They decided to be rivals when they started to play the game, But when Kaichi met Shuuya he forgot that. His deck is of full of birds. He calls it Wind Guradians. His Aces are Hawkmon, Harpymon, Hippogryphomon, Gryphonmon, and later Varodurumon. He is quite funny sometimes and supports Kaichi a lot.

Tatsuki Michiko

Michiko stays calm and reads her book whenever she is bored. She plays with a deck of plants named Jungle Troopers. Her Aces are Floramon, Sunflowmon, Lilymon, Rosemon and later Lotosmon. She is transformed into an arrogant girl whenever she wears the glasses of Kaichi.

Kudou Shuuya

Shuuya is the lone wolf of the group. He plays music whenever he is bored. He is amazing at Card Battle. He rarely shows up at the shop. He has a deck of Dragons and Reptiles named Dragons Roar. His Aces are Guilmon, Growlmon, Wargrowlmon, Megidramon and later Gallantmon. He only agrees with the words of The Chairman and stays away from the discussions of the Group. He hates to hear Kaichi leading.

Sub Characters

Minamoto Kana

Kana is the care taker of the group. She cares a lot about Kaichi and is worried because of his active behavior. She hated card game until Kaichi showed her the importance of it. She used a deck Virus Busters Angel type only once while playing a duet with Kaichi. She gave it back to Kaichi after the game. She liked the "Gatomon" race a lot. She is a very charming girl and is probably in love with Kaichi.

Mr. Kudou Gorygon

Mr. Gorygon is the chairman of the team Boosted Digital. He is even the grandfather of Shuuya. He loves cardfighting too. In his previous age he used to be a Deck Duel champion. He even made his grandson join his team by many efforts.

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