• Written by: Paulaelia
  • Edited by: FMF100 and Tina Bean



This fanfic also contains Human-Digimon relationships that go beyond being friends and partners. If you take offense at such lifestyle choices, please do not read this. You won't like it. That said, the content is kept to a PG/PG-13 level, and there isn't anything they wouldn't put in an anime. The chapters will be released as I finish the chapter following it (Chapter 1 will be released when I finished Chapter 2). I will try to keep a somewhat regular/speedy release (I don't want people waiting months for new chapters) however I do have other work I need to do, and I can't always work on it. As the chapters come out, I will add upon the list of characters below. However, for more information (including spoilers) character pages will be created. Any help readers can give on these pages will be much appreciated.

Chapter List


Two generations of DigiDestined must work together to save the Digital World from a rise of destructive Digimon. A major population imbalance caused the number of evil Digimon to vastly outnumber the good, and neutral. Transported to the Digital World, the team of experienced and fresh DigiDestined have to learn to work together, and get along. Follow along as the events of two different times cross and effect the outcomes of a battle spanning time and space.


This fanfic is more about the characters interactions and relations than it is about saving the Digital World. Obviously that is an important part, however this wont be as action packed as the TV shows. The main focus is on character interaction, relationships, and maintaining a healthy mental state.


The character list will expand and update as characters are introduced.

Experienced DigiDestined

  • Paul- Paul is your typical nerd: He works on the computer, and comes up with crazy ideas and theories about the universe. He loves books, and learning, and has a fascination with Human-Digimon relationships. He is partnered with Renamon.
  • Patrick- Much more open and wild, Patrick is not afraid to say what he thinks. He's also one of the first to act, sometimes getting him in trouble. Despite his vastly different personality, he gets along with Paul and can keep up with his level of nerd and science discussions. Patrick is partnered with Lopmon.

Fresh DigiDesitined


  • Renamon- Born in the Digital World, Renamon contracted a deadly Virus which left her strength much diminished. When she Digivolved into Renamon (much to the surprise of everyone in her village), she used so much energy she became unable to preform any sort of strenuous activity without passing out afterwards.

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