Digital World
General information
Ruler: Umbozumon (Former)
Korodramon (Current)

The Digital World in Galactic Force is the same as the ones in Xros Wars, Adventures, Tamers, Frontier, and Re-Digitize.


Digimon Galactic Force

Digital Airspace

The Digital Airspace was created when the Digital World was split, no Digimon could survive unless they move faster then sound, faster then light or are very powerful. Some Digimon can only be carried in a X Loader.


Field Zone

The Field Zone is the first area to explore in the Digital World. It is a vast, open field with tall grasses, flowers, and train tracks. It is a homeland of Korodramon, Rescuemon, Palmon, Kazemon, Woodmon, Mushroomon, and Trailmon. It is the Zone where Taigeru and his friends arrive in the Digital World and contains the Village of Emotionness and Railroad Station. It is a combination of the Green Zone, and Railroad Plains.

Village of Emotionness

Railroad Station

Platform Zone

The Platform Zone is a deep underground area beneath the Field Zone which is largely dominated by boiling pools with various islands of rock and stone. Iron girdered platforms form the majority of the working areas interconnected by various iron bridges. It is a combination of the Village of Flames, Wind Factory and the Underground Labyrinth from Digimon Frontier.

Plains Zone

The Plains Zone is a grassy land which resembles the Serengeti. It is a homeplace of Monochromon, Tyrannomon, Monmon, Elephantmon, Liollmon, Liamon, and Leomon.

Skeletal Zone

The Skeletal Zone is a mysterious, rocky valley covered in gray stone with the pointed rocks, geysers, thermal pools, and the various skeletons of elephants and dinosaurs that litter the area. It has the bubbling rivers of lava surrounded by various islands of rock and stone.

Runic Zone

The Runic Zone is a mysterious area filled with fallen trees. The Great Runic Tree dominates this dead-but-living forest. All the trees have strange runic symbols carved in their bark. It is based on Runic Grove from Chaotic.

Ballet Zone

The Ballet Zone is a beautiful, bright garden that floats among the clouds. It is a homeland of Ballerinamon, Zephyrmon, Gladimon, Floramon, Deramon, Cupimon, and the leader Grademon.

Cyber Zone

The Cyber Zone is a high-tech city-like town that is completely made of steel. It is a homeland of Andromon, Mercurymon, Chuchidarumon, Commandramon, and Metalkoromon.