The Digital World in Super Xros Wars is the same as the one in the original Xros Wars.


Super Digimon Xros Wars

Digital Airspace

The Digital Airspace was created when the Digital World was split, no Digimon could survive unless they move faster then sound, faster then light or are very powerful. Some Digimon can only be carried in a X Loader.


  • 22 Code Crowns were obtained by Machindramon but he lost 21 to Ryo and were given to Ian.
  • 35 Code Crowns were obtained by Tactimon but were given to SuperDarkKnightmon.
  • 24 Code Crowns were obtained by Lilithmon.
  • 22 Code Crowns were obtained by Solar Flare.
  • 32 Code Crowns were obtained by Blue Xros Heart.
  • 60 Code Crowns were obtained by SkullKnightmon.
  • 13 Code Crowns were obtained by Angelmon.

Super Digimon Xros Wars: Vs the Digital Knights


King Shoutmon remade the Digital World, into 7 Kingdoms each ruled by a Digital Knight and 1 was the info keeper, once King Shoutmon was overthrown, the Super Code Crowns were taken.


Dragon Land

Home of Dragon Digimon. According to Lillymon the Dragon Land is the place of "Beginnings and Despair"

General: BlackHighTyrannomon

Ocean Land

The land is all ocean, but Digimon who aren't aquatic have air bubbles around their bodies.

General: BlackBlastermon

Dead Land

This land is said to be the "scariest" by many fans, and that their are a lot of Digimon who are "dead".

General: DestroyerGallantmon

Bird Land

This land is high in the sky, and JetSparrowmon manages to stop BlackBirdApollomon.

General: BlackBirdApollomon

Forest Land

This land is a pure forest where the team meets Mervamon.

General: BlackGoldenmon

Heat Land

General: DarkBurnermon

Ice Land

General: BlackIceWizardmon

Castle Land

That is the final land were the ruler of the Digital World lives in.

General: BlackOmegaOmnimon

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