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Digimon: The Digiversum
Digiversum TP
Producer: CAJH
Films: 15 (4 released)

Digimon: The Digiversum (simply known as the Digiversum) is a fanon media franchise idea created by CAJH to be the replacement of Digimon Cinematic Sagas. The franchise is planned to be combination of live-action media and anime media as a shared universe. This continuity is planned to be darker and larger than the Cinematic Sagas.


Title Anncounced Release date Storyline Status
Digimon April 1, 2016 June 5, 2016 Main saga, chapter 1 Released
V-Tamer June 4, 2016 August 16, 2016 V-Tamer, chapter 1
Spirit Frontier October 17, 2016 Spirit Frontier, chapter 1
Digimon 2 October 24, 2016 Main saga, chapter 2
V-Tamer: 2nd Round July 21, 2016 December 2016 V-Tamer, chapter 2 In pre-production
DigiFuse DigiFuse, chapter 1
Spirit Frontier Decem
Spirit Frontier, chapter 2 In development
Digimon 3 August 7, 2016 Main saga, chapter 3
Digimon Origins #1:
The Event
Prequel saga, chapter 1
Agumon Standalone story
DigiFuse sequel DigiFuse, chapter 2


Digimon: Digital Monsters (simply known as Digimon) tells how a Japanese middle school student Tadao Deguchi finds another world inside computer network and meets the Digimon, a digital life form that needs help from mankind. Tadao and his two friends meet other people who are aware of the existence of the Digimon, and end up fighting for the survival of the two worlds.

The five main human characters are three Japanese teenagers Tadao Deguchi, Ishimura and Fujima, an American exchange student Alisha Jones, and a Danish-born young genius Sven Vestergaard. The Partner Digimon of this film are Agumon, Gabumon, Piyomon, Tentomon, Lalamon and Gaomon. The human antagonist is a man named Ronald Yeoman, and the Digimon antagonist is a new Digimon species named Morrismon. The story is set in Tokyo, New York and the Digital Middle World.


The Digimon Spin-Off: V-Tamer (simply known as V-Tamer) tells how a bullied high school student named Vincent "Vince" Haldman ends up into the Digital Wilds, a mostly desolated area in Digiversum where Digimon are fighting brutal matches for their survival. Vince himself becomes part of these matches by becoming a Tamer for a Digimon named Veemon.

The main human protagonist is Vincent "Vinde" Haldman and the main Digimon protagonist is Veemon/Veedramon. Supporting characters of the film include Riley Adams, Jiro Ichida, Gomamon and Nigel Adams, with Piemon portrayed as the antagonist. The story is set in Detroit and the Digital Wilds.

Spirit Frontier

Main article: Fan:Spirit Frontier

The Digimon Spin-Off: Spirit Frontier (simply known as Spirit Frontier) tells how a stubborn schoolboy named Theo Robbins, along with four other children around the world, is thrown into the Spirit Frontier, an area from the Digiversum, in order to find and use the Spirits, ancient artifacts with protective powers against one mysterious creature who empowers himself with Spirits of his own.

The main human characters are Theo Robbins, Kaiji Komiyama, Jonah Sheridan, Osip Ivankov and Gemma Illiano. Kazuo Komiyama, Kaiji's twin brother appears the main antagonist under the corruptive curse put on Human and Beast Spirits of Darkness. The story is set in London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and the Spirit Frontier.

Digimon 2

Digimon 2 takes place two years after the defeat of Morrismon. After purifying Dark Craters and researching Digimon and the Digiversum for two years as a Tamer, Tadao Deguchi and his friends gain three new members, but are deeply troubled when the governments of the world start to discover their existence through a mysterious man who seems to secretly drive his own sinister agenda.

All Tamers from the Digimon returned, with Matthew "Matt" Thwaite, Justin Alder and Thaddeus "Ted" Alder introduced as new members. Guilmon, Bearmon and Kotemon were introduced as new Partner Digimon. And Akihiro Kurata, inspired by a character with the same name from Digimon Data Squad, appeared as the main antagonist. The film also included first hints about the antagonists of future main films. The story is set in Tokyo, Chicago, Berlin and the Digital Middle World.

V-Tamer: 2nd Round

The Digimon Spin-Off: V-Tamer: 2nd Round (simply known as V-Tamer: 2nd Round), a sequel to V-Tamer, will be the third spin-off film in the Digiversum as well as the fifth installment of the entire franchise. It will take two years after Piemon's defeat and concentrates on the attempt of uniting all the remaining V-Tags. Also the antagonist of this film will be based on another version of it in real-life manga Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01. The story will be set in Detroit, Okinawa and the Digital Wilds.


The Digimon Spin-Off: DigiFuse (simply known as DigiFuse) will be the fourth spin-off film in the Digiversum as well as the sixth installment of the entire franchise. Some of its elements will be adapted from the first episodes of real-life anime Digimon Fusion. The main character of the film will be Michael Hou, a Hongkongese boy. The story will be set in Hong Kong, Tokyo and the DigiFuse Zones.

Spirit Frontier Decem

The Digimon Spin-Off: Spirit Frontier Decem (simply known as Spirit Frontier Decem), a sequel to Spirit Frontier, will be the fifth spin-off film in the Digiversum as well as the seventh installment of the entire franchise. It will take two years after Kazuo's purification and concentrates on the attempt of finding the remaining Spirits. Also the antagonist of this film will be based on another version of it in real-life anime Digimon Frontier.

Digimon 3

Digimon 3, a sequel to Digimon 2, will be the third main film in the Digiversum as well as the eighth installment of the entire franchise. It will take two years after the Battle of Berlin. Abaddomon, the Digimon Kurata works for takes the role of the main antagonist. The identity of the future antagonists will also be revealed.

Digimon Origins #1: The Event

Digimon Origins #1: The Event will be the first prequel film in the Digiversum as well as the ninth installment of the entire franchise. It will take place 20 years before the events of Digimon and will explore the mysterious cataclysmic event responsible for ruining most of the planets and planes in the Digiversum. Unlike other storylines of the Digiversum, Digimon Origins is idealized to be a series of anime films.

Other projects

The three other spin-offs will include a sequel for DigiFuse as well as two solo films. Agumon will be the titual character of the first one and the titular character of the second one will be introduced in Digimon 3. The second Digimon Origins film is meant to explain the origin of an important key character from the next three main films. The fourth anf fith main films are actually meant to be a two-parted film where characters from spin-off films will join forces with the main characters to stop the ultimate force that threatens the universe. There is also possibility for two more main films, five more spin-offs and two more prequels.


"After working with the Cinematic Sagas for some time I realized that some of its vision went into less realistic way. I was wondering if some of it would be almost inconsiderable in real life. There were also certain elements I never had a chance to use. I'm going to start a new, but I wish to retire from creating any more Digimon fan fictions after this one is complete. However, I can work as an advisor for possible users who would wish to continue this franchise after me."

Rebooting the Cinematic Sagas was envisioned in August 2015, when CAJH released his first idea about how would Digimon look as a shared universe, like separating certain mythologies and Digivolution methods into separate media, but later uniting them into one massive crossover story. The franchise would also include elements and characters that were never used in the Cinematic Sagas. The two main differences are the origin of the Digimon species and the lifestyle and alignment of the main characters. But certain elements of the Cinematic Sagas will be included in this franchise too, like name changes, but this time most them are based on Japanese versions. Digivolution is called just "Evolution", like in Japan. Originally, the Japanese names of the Evolutionary Stages were planned to be used, but this was changed very soon after the release of the first Digimon film synopsis. Crests and Armor Digivolution were initially decided not to be used in the Digiversum. The rare Digivolutionary Stage known as Super Ultimate or Ultra instead will be implemented in a form different from the real-life media.

On March 2016, most of the remaining planned ideas for the Cinematic Sagas were cancelled and reduced to be released as mere idea lists. It was made to accelerate the plan regarding the new franchise. The previous working titles were Digimon Crossverse and DigiVerse. On April 1, 2016, the final name of the project was decided to be "Digiversum", since the term "Digiverse" has been used even outside of the Digimon franchise.

Due to traditional style of real-life Digimon media, main characters start as children and teenagers, but will grow up into young adults. But unlike in the Cinematic Sagas, growing up will be used in the Digiversum as one of the themes in the upcoming installments.

"Shared universe had been one of my favorite forms for a film series, ever since Marvel Cinematic Universe started. The existence of other respective projects from DC, Transformers and Godzilla/King Kong made my interest in them grow even stronger."

The original plan was that each main characters from spin-off films would eventually join the main saga. Although certain characters were originally planned to appear only in the main saga, some of them are planned to have their own solo films.

On July 21, 2016, the project was almost cancelled due to its creator being too busy and questioning its publication. However, on August 8, the project started to proceed again, despite the anime television series ideas being cancelled.


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