The Digivice+ is a special kind of Digivice that appears in Digimon+ Adventure 01, which allows Digimon+ to +Digivolve to their Digimon Forms, as well as Digivolving them into their Champion, Ultimate, Mega, and Ultra Levels. The Digivice+ actually has more limitations than most other Digivices, as they require special Digi-Rings to access Digivolution, plus the power of the respective Crest of the user.


The Digivice+ looks like a wristwatch, but with a button instead of a screen, with slots to insert the Digi-Rings, and has a ring around it with varying colors, kind of like a D-Power combined with a Digivice 01, but with modifications to help the user.


The Digi-Ring is a special piece of the Digivice+, that when inserted into the specific slot, allows the user to achieve the corresponding Digivolution. There are upsides and downsides to this, one of the downsides is that a Digi-Ring will only appear when the owner of the Digivice+ shows their corresponding Crest, and a larger and larger amount of that Crests' energy is required for Digivolving to higher and higher levels, with Digivolving to Ultra requiring an ENORMOUS amount of the corresponding Traits' energy (e.g. Wargreymon or Wargreymon+ must show massive amounts of Courage to Digivolve into VictoryGreymon, like fighting a foe they know they couldn't possibly win against, and they're scared out of their wits, with the fate of both the Digital World and the Human World resting on their shoulders, but still fighting anyways).

Special Features

  • Digi-Portal: a special Digital Gateway that can both transport the user between the Digital and Human Worlds and teleport them to any location, within a limited range of course.
  • Time-Warp: a previously unknown function, with the ability to send the user back in time, provided they show a mixture of Grief and their corresponding Crest (e.g. the loss of a loved one and Courage can send Agumon+, Greymon, Greymon+, MetalGreymon, MetalGreymon+, WarGreymon, WarGreymon+, VictoryGreymon, or VictoryGreymon+ back in time to prevent the person that died from being killed in the first place).
  • Dark Digivolution: When the owner of the Digivice+ shows the dark side of their Trait, they Dark Digivolve into their evil counterpart (e.g. when Greymon or Greymon+ forces themselves to Digivolve to Ultimate, they instead Dark Digivolve into SkullGreymon).

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