Dinkmon is a Rookie Level Dinosaur Digimon. A dinosaur digimon who's name comes from Dink the little Dinosaur.


Level rookie
Type Dinosaur
Attribute vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar, Nature Spirits
Prior forms DemiDinkmon
Next forms Brontomon, AstroBrontomon

Attacks: Dino Orb Little Whip

Other forms



Attacks: Bubble Blow

Avgomon is Dinkmon's Fresh form. The name "Avgomon" comes from the Greek word "avgo", meaning egg.


Level In-Training
Type Dinosaur
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nature Spirits, Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Avgomon
Next forms Dinkmon

Attacks: Bubble Blow

DemiDinkmon is Dinkmon's Intraining form.


Level: Champion Attribute: Vaccine Type: Dinosaur Attacks: Bronto Energy Orb Tail Whip

Brontomon is the Digivolved form of Dinkmon. A dinosaur digimon who's name comes from Brontosaurus.


Level: Ultimate Attribute: Vaccine Type: Cyborg Dinosaur Attacks: Energy Blaster Hyper Speed

WarBrontomon is Dinkmon's Ultimate form.


Level: Mega Attribute: Vaccine Type: Dinosaur Man Attacks: Astro Cannon Bronto Blade

AstroBrontomon is the Mega form of Dinkmon.


Level: Mega Attribute: Vaccine Type: Holy Knight/Dragon Man Attacks: Optimus Cannon/Bronto Cannon Optimus Sword/Tora Sword

Optimusdramon is the form of AstroBrontomon and SamuraiToramon. Optimus mean Optimus Prime of Transformers.

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