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Level Rookie
Type Reptile
Attribute Virus
Family Jungle Trooper
Prior forms Fan:BabyDinomon
Next forms Fan:Velocimon

Dinomon is a reptile digimon whose name derived from "dinosaur". It is only in its childhood stage but it has characteristics from many dinosaurs; such as a tyrannosaurus rex's sharp teeth; a tiny horn on the top of his nose like a monoclonius; a round, hard head like a pachycephalosaurus; an incredibly strong tail like an ankylosaurus; and razor claws like a raptor. It is very territorial and will scare away intruders before ramming it's hard head into them.


Deep Scratch: Digs its claws into its enemy.

Tail Crush: Slams its tail onto its opponent.

Blister Head: Rams its head into its opponent.

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