The Dinosaur Dunes are a small desert area in the Digital World that is ruled by Spinomon and founded by Dinorexmon, the Digimon that live here are part of the Diamond Star Army.


  • Larson Becker: He is the Digimon partner of BlackAgumon. He holds the Crest of joy and is very kind and positive, despite being prisoner to Dinorexmon. He loves a good battle and is never afraid to put BlackAgumon in a fight.
  • MasterTyrannomon: The Second-in-command of the Dinosaur Dunes. MasterTyrannomon is one of the few second-in-commands that doesn't want his army to fight, causing him to get attacked by Dinorexmon. He becomes the new leader after Spinomon dies.
  • SnowAgumon: SnowAgumon often roam around the Dinosaur Dunes, it is unknown how they survive the heat. One was seen Digivolving to IceDevimon, it is unknown if all these SnowAgumon Digivolve to IceDevimon.

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