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The Dio-Xros is a form of Digi-Xros merging a X Loader wilder and their main partner into the Digimon's natural (or second) Mega Level form.

Creation and History

When creating the X Loader, Omnimon created the idea of merging the General/Hunter with their partner, after the concept of Digivolution was added into the X Loader, the team began work on the idea of the Dio-Xros, but was interrupted due to SkullKnightmon's attack on their lab.

After the second defeat of Bagramon and DarkKnightmon, the X Loaders are returned to Omnimon to continue the development of the Dio-Xros, while Xros Heart continues on other adventures in other worlds (such as New Vestroia and Mobius.) while Dan, Star and Airu continue Hunting Digimon who attacking the worlds, leaving their X Loaders unable to be upgraded.

It takes nearly half a year, but the program is created, but Omnimon warns Phineas, Ferb and Isabella not to use the power of the Dio-Xros just yet. But due to the unknown Digital Reality using emotions for the Digimon's power, Phineas partially taps into the Dio-Xros' power and forces OmegaShoutmon to Dark Digivolve into DuskShoutmon. During that Isabella and JetSparrowmon manage to tap into the power, and Dio-Xros into Sparrowmon's second Mega Level form of GuardianSparrowmon.

During a battle with an half-Bakugan/half-Digimon hybrid, Ferb and ZekeGreymon are able to Dio-Xros into TitaniumGreymon.

After feeling a sense of uselessness and fear, another incomplete Dark Digivolution occurs forcing JetSparrowmon to become RaidenSparrowmon, despite the best efforts of Arresterdramon, Cho-Hakkaimon, StarBirdramon and TitaniumGreymon the Dark Mega Level is to much for them. Phineas and OmegaShoutmon are finally able to claim the ability to Dio-Xros into the form of AlmightyShoutmon.

Name Origin

  • The name "Dio" comes from a merging of the words "Digi" and "Bio" while retaining "Xros" from the natural "Digi-Xros".

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