Dittomon is a very energetic and powerful digimon that can duplicate itself at will.Dittomon is a artificial 
   Digimon created by a scientist Digimon.
   also Dittomon can Biomerge into Cyromon.
   Dittomons digivolution is cool because of what he becomes first he digivolvs into slashmon and then warslashmon and 
   then shineingwarmon and then his biomerge form cyromon.
   the abilitys of his forms are very cool,dittomon can duplicate himself,slashmon can grow massive claws that can shoot
   fire,warslashmon grows gold and green armor that cant be broken and gets two swords made of flame,shineingwarmon 
   grows gold and green armor like warslashmon and grows blades on his armor as well,and last is cyromon witch grows 
   black and blue armor and a shield on his right and a super cannon on his left arm and his super cannon can shoot
   a blast of laser that can delete anything in its path oh and also he can fly.
   also if you want to see dittomon your going to half to wait because the new t.v. show digimon trainers the rise of 
   shadowmon coming soon.

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