Dobermon is a Digimon character in « Digimon : The Golden Digivice ».

Dobermon t
Appears in:The Golden Digivice
First appearance The Quest Begins! [01]
Partner(s):Golden Fox
Gender Male


Dobermon is a Champion Digimon who looks like a doberman pinscher dog. He is very gentle and brave. Dobermon is in love of Labramon, that's why he always wants to protect her, but he can not her reveal his love. He was sent in the Real World by the Elders to find the origin of the natural disasters which affect the Digital World. Dobermon then attacked Yaamon because he is a Virus Digimon and was stopped by Renamon. Episode 1: The Quest Begins! He is a very good friend of Kudamon.


  • Grau Lärm: Seals the opponent's abilities with a howl.
  • Schwartz Strahl: Pierces the opponent's body with a black beam and destroys its DigiCore.

Other Forms

In The Golden Digivice, Dobermon raises several forms, in spite of his Champion form is the one that he sets mostly.


Cerberumon t


Cerberumon is Dobermon's Ultimate form. He is less docile than Dobermon.


  • Portals of Darkness: Opens a "Hell Gate" engraved in the earth, then casts the opponent through it to the jet-black Dark Area.
  • Emerald Blaze: Spews a red-hot jet of flames.


AncientSphinxmon b


AncientSphinxmon is Dobermon's Mega form. He is the wisest Dobermon's form.


  • Dark Blast: Fires a laser beam alongside a roar.
  • Necro Eclipse: Attacks with the ultimate annihilation technique which completely envelops the opponent in the darkness of death.

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