Don Rockhood
(Rockhood Don)
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Rica Matsumoto
Digivice(s):Fire engine red X Loader
Age 15
Grade 12
Gender Male
Known relatives Tom Rockhood (Father)
Emily Rockhood (Mother)
Todd Rockhood (Younger Brother)
Eliza Rockhood (Older Sister)
Nationality Japanese of Polish and American descent
Occupation Student
Ranger of Spectral Rangers


Don Rockhood is a young boy with cerulean-blue eyes and spiky brown hair. He wears a white shirt under another blue shirt with a white oval with yellow borders and a yellow "d" in the chest and red line on the left arm. He also wears grey pants and belt, a red overcoat, red and white goggles with blue tenses, and black and white trainers.

After returning to the Human World, Don starts wearing a blue T-shirt hidden under a gold-trimmed long sleeved overcoat and darker colored 'shoulder pads' on his shoulders. He also wears blue jeans, a black belt, black socks, blue wristbands on his hands, and red shoes.