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|level=Mega |attribute=Virus |family=Dragon Roar |type=Dragon Knight

DoomDramon is Dragon Knight Digimon whose name is made of words"Doom and"Dramon.He is the second Legendary Royal Knight and guardian of all Dragon-type Digimon.He,together with Knightdramon protect Digital World from state of destruction.


   * Doom Blast:Shoot large energy sphere from his mouth.
   * Dragon Inferno:Surround his opponent with flame that is from Hell.
   * Dragon Claw:Attack with sharp claw.
   * Beginning of Doom:Summons the greatest element catastrophes for his final attack"Doomsday Nova".
   * Doomsday Nova:Throw a giant ball created from combined four elements.

Vandalgion 17:52, February 23, 2010 (UTC)

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