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Dorumon is a fictional character & Digimon in the fanfictional series Digimon AA. He is the partner of Kioku, member of the Neo-DigiDestined.



  • Dash Metal: Fires an iron sphere from its mouth while charging, although it has more power if it stands still & accumulates power before firing.
  • Metal Cannon: Fires an iron sphere from its mouth.
  • Hyper Dash Metal
  • Dino Tooth


Other Forms


Dodomon b

Dodomon (ドドモン?)

Dodomon is the Fresh form of Dorumon.


  • Chīsana Tetsu Tsubu (小さな鉄粒? lit. "Little Iron Beads"): Spits small iron beads from its mouth at an approaching opponent.


Dorimon b

Dorimon (ドリモン?)

Dorimon is the In-Training form of Dorumon.


  • Metal Drop: Spits an iron bead from mouth while charging at the opponent.


Grademon t

Grademon (グレイドモン?)

Grademon, the "Meteor of Truth", is the form Dorumon takes when he Armor Digivolves using the golden half of the Digi-Egg of Truth.


  • Cross Blade: Cuts the opponent apart crosswise with the godly speed of its sword.
  • Grade Slash: Smites the opponent over the head, from higher ground, with its twin swords.


Dorugamon b

Dorugamon (ドルガモン DORUgamon?)

Dorugamon is the Champion form of Dorumon.


  • Cannonball: Fires an iron sphere from its mouth while charging, although it has more power if it stands still & accumulates power before firing.
  • Power Metal: Fires a large iron sphere from its mouth.


DoruGreymon b

DoruGreymon (ドルグレモン DORUGreymon?)

DoruGreymon is the Ultimate form of Dorumon.


  • Metal Meteor: Fires a massive iron sphere more than ten times its own size, crushing the opponent in one hit.
  • Bloody Tower: Skewers the opponent before releasing them in the sky.


Dorugoramon b

Dorugoramon (ドルゴラモン DORUgoramon?)

Dorugoramon is the Mega form of Dorumon.


  • Brave Metal: Puts its body & soul into a terrifying assault.
  • DORU Din: Releases a destructive shock wave.


Alphamon b

Alphamon (アルファモン?)

Alphamon is the alternate Mega form of Dourmon.


  • Seiken Gradalpha: Draws out a convergence of light that was pierced into the center of a magic array, & stabs it through the opponent.
  • Digitalize of Soul: Spreads the wings on its back & flies up high, then deploys a magic circle even larger than the sky, with which it summons a legendary monster from another dimension.

Alphamon Ouryuken

Alphamon Ouryuken b

Alphamon Ouryuken (アルファモン:王竜剣 Alphamon: Ouryuken?)

Alphamon Ouryuken is a Mega level Digimon who is the DNA Digivolved form of Alphamon & Owryumon.


  • Ultimate-Battle-Blade-OURYUKEN (究極戦刃王竜剣 Kyūkyokusenjin Ouryūken?, lit. "Ultimate-Battle-Blade-Ouryu-Sword"): Swings the Ouryuken.
  • Digitalize of Soul: Fires multiple green energy beams from its hands.

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